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8 Apps Win 9 Awards at this Weekend’s Longmont Hackathon Event

Longmont Hackathon Group Photo

Group photo from the Longmont Hackathon. Several of our Sponsors, City Council Members, Committee staff, and developers who won awards for their applications.


Jackson Roberts Receiving 1st Place Award from Council Memacber Gabe Santos

Jackson Roberts Receiving 1st Place Award from Council Memacber Gabe Santos

Jackson Roberts with Sarah Levison

Jackson Roberts with Council Member Sarah Levison

Jackson Roberts with Sandi Seader

Jackson Roberts being congratulated by Assistant City Manager Sandra Seader.

The first Longmont Civic Hackathon event held this weekend has come to a successful close. The event, held over the course of 3 days, began Friday evening and ended Sunday afternoon. During the event we checked-in 56 people, of those were 10 Adult developers and 11 Youth developers (most, if not all, were from St. Vrain Valley School District).

There were eight (8) different apps that were show and many were completed to a point that they were able to be demonstrated to the audience. Amazingly, all 8 apps won an award, and one app, Civic Engage won two awards. The first place award went to the event’s youngest developer, Jackson Roberts for his Longmont Events app. Congratulations to all who won.

  • Wester Digital Sponsor Award – Best Civic Hackathon App
    • 1st Place – $1,500
      Winning App:  Longmont Events by Jackson Roberts
    • 2nd Place – $750
      Winning App: Take Out The Trash by Nick Galbraith
    • 3rd Place – $500
      Winning App: Civic Engage by Andy Corliss
  • City Council’s Choice Apps (2 Awards)$250 for each team member or individual, Winning App: Story Boxes by Dixon Dick$250 for each team member or individual, Winning App: Open Bike by Mike Lockwitz “Open Bike Mike”
  • City Manager’s Choice App $100$100 for each team member or individual Winning App: Find A Fire Hydrant by Sean Helvey


  • ESRI Sponsor Award – Best Use of their API $1,000
    Winning App: Longmont MultiTool /Winning Team: Captain Falcon (Seth Hovestol, Cameron Taylor, Tim Finnegan, Nicholas Sellers, Garrett Olin, Lauren Jury, David Bocim, Tyler Dow, Julia Milan)Honorable Mention: Story Boxes by Dixon Dick
  • Constant Contact Sponsor Award – Best Use of their API $100
    Winning App: Civic Engage by Andy Corliss

We’re looking for Sponsors for our Longmont Hackathon Event

The City of Longmont is looking for sponsors that will help us to put on our first civic Hackathon. This event is scheduled April 12 – 14, 2013. Would your company like to join us?

Longmont is an emerging high tech center with a highly trained and educated workforce, business friendly leadership and world class infrastructure (including being one of the only cities in America building out a city owned gigabit data network for homes and businesses). Residents enjoy an excellent quality of life and Longmont is host to or close to several fortune 500 companies (in town: GE, Seagate, Amgen, Microsoft). Amenities close include a thriving startup community in nearby Boulder (Techstars; Foundry Group Venture Capitalists, Google) an international airport in Denver, several universities and federal government agencies. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Longmont is home to more than a few award winning microbreweries (Oskar Blues, Lefthand Brewery and the Pumphouse).

Please email or call Scott Converse (scott.converse@gmail.com; 303.875.1243) if you’re interested or would like to learn more.

We are looking for 12 primary sponsors at 4 different levels.

Platinum – $3500 Co-Presenting Co-Sponsor. Limited to one

Thank you Western Digital

Sponsorship Taken: No longer available (03/05/2013)

Your organization will be featured prominently in communications, Web presence and event displays for the Longmont Hackathon.

This includes:

  • Listed as co-presenting sponsor on home page (www.longmonthackathon.com)
  • Table at Event Site
  • Media (Newspaper) mention
  • Press Release Mention
  • Website Logo – Largest placement, up to approx. 4.17” x 4.17” (400 X 400 pixels @ 96DPI)
  • Social Media Mentions
  • Sponsor Wrap Up Drinks SUNDAY
  • Main Stage Logo
  • Sponsor Banner
  • Literature distribution at event
  • Present technology/API during tech talks on Friday

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