Data Sets

2013 Longmont Hackathon Data Sets

This page will list the resources that will be available during this event. We plan to have them hosted at and map services through

Data Sets from the City of Longmont include:

Financial Data – Via Excel files “Static”

  • Cash Receipts Transactions 2012
  • Adjusted Journal Transactions 2012
  • Labor Transactions 2012
  • Voucher Transactions 2012
  • Active Sales Tax Accounts (Business license listing)

ArcGIS – Mapping Services and Static File Listing

Feature class Database CSV SHP KML Service
Art in Public Places x x x x x
Businesses x x x x x
ConeZones x x x x x x x
Bike routes x x x x
Crime x x x x
Fiber x x x x
Trash\recycling x x x x
Parks x
Trailheads x x x x x
RTD x x x x x x x x x x
City boundary x
Parcels x
Streets x
Buildings x
City facilities x
County boundary x
Lakes x
Streams x
St Vrain x
Places x
Fire stations x
Schools x
Railroad x
Detail annotation x

x = one data set  | xx = two data sets